Manual X Stage
X-Axis Dovetail
Rack and Pinion
RoHS Supporting RoHS 10 substance
Stage surface size[mm] 25×25
Travel distance[mm] 10
Travel distance ±5mm
Guide Dovetail
body color Black
Main material Brass-black paint
Load capacity(Horizontal use)[kgf] 3
Load capacity(Vertical use)[kgf] 0.7
Load capacity(Horizontal use)[N] 29.4
Load capacity(Vertical use)[N] 6.86
Feeding type
: Dovetail stage
Feeding knob
Operating position Standard
Clamp method Standard
Grease specification Standard grease
Vernier minimum reading [mm] 0.1
Travel distance per handle rotation
Travel accuracy: Straightness[Withinμm] 30
Motion parallelism[Within μm] 80
Allowable load for moment: Pitch[N・m] 0.5
Allowable load for moment: Yaw [N・m] 0.5
Allowable load for moment: Yaw[N・m] 0.5
Moment stiffness: Pitch[″/N・cm] No regulation
Moment stiffness: Yaw [″/N・cm] No regulation
Moment stiffness: Roll[″/N・cm] No regulation
Parallelism of travel[within μm] 50
Weight[kg] 0.09
Hexagon socket bolt M2-12 [4pcs]
Relevant product
Spec List
Model Guide Stage surface size Travel distance[mm] CAD Qty Estimate
B05-01 Dovetail 25×25mm 10 2D 3D