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Laser Autocollimator:H350

■High performance and compact size
 High quality is condensed in a compact size.
 Working distance is as same as standard model (H499series).
■Switchable outgoing beam radius
 Can be switched the beam radius by pin hole in a compact body.
 φ1,2,6 as standard. φ3 and 4 is option.
 ※H350R-C175 is for φ1,2 and 5
■Equipped with red LD
 H350R series equipped with red LD, H350B has blue LD
 for pick up.

Dimensional outline drawings
Red LD-mounted model screen typeBlue LD-mounted model screen type
Measurement range±0.5 deg.±1.0deg.±1.75deg.±0.5 deg.±1.0 deg.
Resolution*8 sec.15sec.27sec.8 sec.15 sec.
Measurement wavelength*1650±10nm408±10nm
Inbuilt light source wavelengthSemiconductor laser 650±10nm (with ON/OFF switch)
Laser output1.0mW or less(Class 2)
Outgoing beam diameterφ1, 2, 6mm**:Selected depending on the pin-hole (φ3, pin-hole for 4mm are sold separately)
Using The measurement object distance φ1, 2, 3mm0~300mm0~200mm0~120mm0~300mm0~200mm
Using The measurement object distance φ4, 5, 6mm**0~200mm0~160mm0~120mm0~200mm0~160mm
OutputNTSC method video output, dedicated cable(1.5m) BNC connection
Weight0.2kg(Without AC adaptor)
Electrical power(Included AC adaptor)Input:AC100-240V 50/60Hz Output:DC6V 1,000mA入力:AC100-240V 50/60Hz
出力:DC12V 500mA
Head size(Not include protruding part)W40×D50×H80mmW40×D50×H99mmW40×D50×H85mm
Standard featuresLD switch, Controled LD light level, CCD sensitivity calibration,switching beam diameters, available mounted at 4 any position
AccesarryVideo cable, AC adaptor, Pin-hole(for φ1, 2mm),Instruction manua
Compatible tilt stageHB10

*Pixel resolution at connected to the processing unit.

**H350R-C175 is φ1, 2, 5, 6mm.

Inbuilt light source wavelength
Measurement range/Resolution
Set format
Incident light
Relevant product
Spec List
Model Measurement range[dgrees ±]Resolution[sec.]Weight[kg] CAD Qty Estimate
H350R-C050/H12 0.580.8
H350R-C050 0.580.2kg(Without AC adaptor)
H350R-C050/M12 0.581.1
H350R-C050/M12E 1151.1
H350R-C050/M55 0.580.9
H350R-C050/M55E 1150.9
H350R-C050/H12E 1150.8
H350R-C050/H55 0.580.6
H350R-C050/H55E 1150.6
H350R-C100/M12 1151.1
H350R-C100/M12E 2301.1
H350R-C100/M55 1150.9
H350R-C100/M55E 2300.9
H350R-C100/H12 1150.8
H350R-C100/H12E 2300.8
H350R-C100/H55 1150.6
H350R-C100/H55E 2300.6
H350R-C050/F12 0.584
H350R-C100 1150.2kg(Without AC adaptor)
H350R-C175/M12 1.75271.1
H350R-C175/M12E 3.5531.1
H350R-C175/M55 1.75270.9
H350R-C175/M55E 3.5530.9
H350R-C175/H12 1.75270.8
H350R-C175/H12E 3.5530.8
H350R-C175/H55 1.75270.6
H350R-C175/H55E 3.5530.6
H350B-C050/F12 0.584
H350R-C100/F12 1154
H350R-C050/F12E 1154
H350R-C175 1.75270.2kg(Without AC adaptor)
H350B-C050/M12 0.581.1
H350B-C050/M12E 1151.1
H350B-C050/M55 0.580.9
H350B-C050/M55E 1150.9
H350B-C050/H12 0.580.8
H350B-C050/H12E 1150.8
H350B-C050/H55 0.580.6
H350B-C050/H55E 1150.6
H350B-C050 0.580.2kg(Without AC adaptor)
H350B-C100/M12 1151.1
H350B-C100/M12E 2301.1
H350B-C100/M55 1150.9
H350B-C100/M55E 2300.9
H350B-C100/H12 1150.8
H350B-C100/H12E 2300.8
H350B-C100/H55 1150.6
H350B-C100/H55E 2300.6
H350B-C100 1150.2kg(Without AC adaptor)
H350R-C175/F12 1.75274
H350B-C100/F12 1154
H350R-C050/F55 0.583.8
H350R-C100/F55 1153.8
H350R-C175/F55 1.75273.8
H350B-C050/F55 0.583.8
H350B-C100/F55 1153.8
H350R-C100/F12E 2304
H350R-C175/F12E 3.5534
H350B-C050/F12E 1154
H350B-C100/F12E 2304
H350R-C050/F55E 1153.8
H350R-C100/F55E 2303.8
H350R-C175/F55E 3.5533.8
H350B-C050/F55E 1153.8
H350B-C100/F55E 2303.8
Model Measurement range[dgrees ±]Resolution[degrees]Weight[kg] CAD Qty Estimate
H350R-C100/D-H 10.13.4
H350R-C100/D 10.10.5
H350R-C175/D-H 1.750.183.4
H350R-C175/D 1.750.180.5
H350B-C100/D-H 10.13.4
H350B-C100/D 10.10.5
Model Measurement range[minute ±]Resolution[minute]Weight[kg] CAD Qty Estimate
H350R-C050/M-H 3053.4
H350R-C050/M 3050.5
H350R-C100/M-H 6053.4
H350R-C100/M 6050.5
H350R-C175/M-H 10553.4
H350R-C175/M 10550.5
H350B-C050/M-H 3053.4
H350B-C050/M 3050.5
H350B-C100/M-H 6053.4
H350B-C100/M 6050.5