Manual Z Stage
Z-Axis Cross Roller Guide Stage □60:B30-60

・Operatable coarse-fine motion with two micrometers.
・Travel distance: B30-60 Coarse motion ±6.5mm.
 B30-80 Coarse motion ±12.5mm.
・Adjustable within ±0.3mm from the position moved in
 coarse motion by fine motion micrometer.

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Operating position
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Spec List
Model Operating positionTravel range[mm]Load capacity(kgf[N]) CAD Qty Estimate
B30-60LK StandardCoarsemotion:±6.5/micromotion:±0.32.0[19.6] 2D 3D
B30-60RK Opposite attached micrometerCoarsemotion:±6.5/micromotion:±0.32.0[19.6] 2D 3D