Manual Z Stage
Feeding Screw Z-Axis Dovetail Stage □40:B05/B08/BDBZS
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Long lead

Short lead


・Feeding screw(long-lead) XY-axis stage is mounted
 to Z-axis bracket.
・Excellent for operation from upper.

・ Lead 0.5mm feeding screw XY-axis stage with
  Z-axis bracket. ・ Saving-space and prevention error operation by
  using hex wrench type.

Dimensional outline drawings
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Spec List
Model Stage table size[mm]Travel distance[±mm]Travel distance per rotation of knob[mm] CAD Qty Estimate
B05-43N 40×40104.2 2D 3D
B05-43NR 40×40104.2 2D 3D
B08-13 40×4070.5 3D
B08-13R 40×4070.5 2D 3D
BDBZS-40 40×4050.5 2D 3D