Manual X Stage

・Dovetail rack and pion long stroke stage.
・Equipping several blocks of □40mm table is available.
・Selectable coarse-fine motion type.
・Equipping larger size blocks without handle is available.

Dimensional outline drawings

Blocks cannot be s separately. Please ask us if you need additional.

Dimentional outline drawings

Relevant product
Spec List
Model Table size[mm]Handle specificationTravel distance per rotation[mm] RoHS CAD Qty Estimate
BDLXR-4060 40×40Standardhandle20 2D 3D
BDLXR-40160 40×40Standardhandle20 2D 3D
BDLXR-40260 40×40Standardhandle20 2D 3D
BDLXR-40360 40×40Standardhandle20 2D 3D
BDLXB-4060 40×40Coarse-finemotionhandle20 2D 3D
BDLXB-40160 40×40Coarse-finemotionhandleCoarsemotion20Finemotion≒2.6 2D 3D
BDLXB-40260 40×40Coarse-finemotionhandleCoarsemotion20Finemotion≒2.6 2D 3D
BDLXB-40360 40×40Coarse-finemotionhandleCoarsemotion20Finemotion≒2.6 2D 3D
Model Product nameHandle specifi cationWeight[kg] RoHS CAD Qty Estimate
BDL-40 Connecting blockNo-handle0.08 2D 3D
BDLR-40 Block [Standard handle]Standard handle0.12 2D 3D
BDLB-40 Block [Coarse-fi ne motion handle]Coarse-fi ne motion handle0.17 2D 3D