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Manual 1-Axis Gonio Stage
Table size ▢50mm
Uniaxial Manual Goniometer Stage□50:B56-50

High cost performance gonio stage which dovetail system is adapted for a travel guide, and worm gear system is adapted for feeding mechanism.
Center of rotation runout accuracy is under 0.01mm(1-axis) Ideal for use in repeatability motion with good operation.

Dimensional outline drawings
Relevant product
Spec List
Model Number of axisTable size[mm]Feeding position CAD Qty Estimate
B56-50L 150×50Center 2D 3D
B56-50LR 150×50Center 2D 3D
B56-50U 150×50Center 2D 3D
B56-50UR 150×50Center 2D 3D
B56-50W 150×50Center 2D 3D
B56-50WR 150×50Center 2D 3D