Manual Z Stage
Feeding Screw Z-Axis Dovetail Stage 40×80:B05
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Rack and pinion

Feeding screw(Long lead)


【Rack and pinion】
・Original clamp is adapted.
・With vernier scale(0.1mm).

【Feeding screw(long-lead)】
・Feeding screw(long-lead) XY-axis stage
 is mounted to Z-axis bracket.
・Excellent for operation from upper.
・Fix stage firmly.

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Spec List
Model Table size[mm]Travel range[mm]Travel distance per rotation of knob[mm] CAD Qty Estimate
B05-13NH 40×80+30-1520 2D 3D
B05-13NHR 40×80+30-1520 2D 3D
B05-13B 40×80+30-15Coarsemotion:20/micromotion:≒2.6 2D 3D
B05-13BR 40×80+30-15Coarsemotion:20/micromotion:≒2.6 2D 3D
B05-23K 40×80+30-154.2 2D 3D
B05-23KR 40×80+30-154.2 2D 3D