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Cable dedicated to DS102/112 series

Controller > Controller > Cable dedicated to DS102/112 series
Cable dedicated to DS102/112

Link cable DS100

This cable is used when controlling four axes or six axes by linking multiple DS102/112 control drivers. Choose DS100-LINK2-0.5 for linking two drivers, DS100-LINK3-0.5 for linking three drivers.

Control I/O cable DS100-CNT-2

Use DS100-CNT-2 for I/O control with upper controller. One end loose type.

General I/O DS100-IO-2

Used to connect external devices to the DS102/112. One end loose type.

Spec List

Model Cable length Remarks RoHS CAD
DS100-LINK2-0.5 0.5m For linking two units

DS100-LINK3-0.5 0.5m For linking three units

DS100-CNT-2 2.0m Control I/O (one end loose)

DS100-IO-2 2.0m Control I/O (one end loose)


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