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Handy terminal


Cable dedicated to DS102/112 series

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Stepping motor controller
The DS102/112 series Stepping motor controller that is a compact and convinience price has two drivers for 5-phase (0.75A/phase) stepper motor driving.
・Available linear interpolation for two axes.
・Available connected three stages (controlled max.six axes) according to link function. Can be controlled max.twenty-four axes per one PC according to connect USB hub.
・Can be established positioning system without PC connecting according to program and teaching function.
・RoHS directive compliant.
・It is possible to equip the general I/O port for controlled external equipment using the optional model number.
・The control commands are compatible with the D200 series. No need software changes.
Note 1:For setting the program function and teaching function, etc., of the DS102/112 series, the separatelyavailable 'DT100' handy terminal and dedicated control software 'DSCONTROL-WIN' are required.
Note 2:It must be customized controller for using solenoid brake. Please contact us for more information. .



Spec List

Model Input power Driver type Weight RoHS CAD
DS102NR AC100~240V±10%、50/60Hz normal (FULL/HALF) 2.2kg

DS102MS AC100~240V±10%、50/60Hz micro step (16 levels) 2.2kg

DS102NR-IO AC100~240V±10%、50/60Hz normal (FULL/HALF) 2.2kg

DS102MS-IO AC100~240V±10%、50/60Hz micro step (16 levels) 2.2kg

DS112NR DC24V±10% normal (FULL/HALF) 1.2kg

DS112MS DC24V±10% micro step (16 levels) 1.2kg

DS112NR-IO DC24V±10% normal (FULL/HALF) 1.2kg

DS112MS-IO DC24V±10% micro step (16 levels) 1.2kg

The manual can be downloaded here.

DS102 Panel arrangement

1.Power switch *1

4.RS232C *2
5.USB Connector *3
6.LINK Connector7.DIP switch *4
8.EMS Connector *5
9.For controlI/O connector *6
10.Universal I/O connector *7
11.Stage connector*8
12.Fuse holder
13.AC Inlet

DS112Panel arrangement

1.Terminal stand for power supply
4.RS232C connector *2
5.USB connector *3
6.LINK connector
7.DIP switch *4
8.EMS connector *5
9.For control I/O connector *6
10.Universal I/O connector *7
11.Stage connector *8


*1:DT100 connector for connectung handy terminals
*2:Dsub 9P male *3:Mini B type
*4:RS232C baud rate (2bit)、Link number (2bit)、USB ID (2bit)、Set command response (1bit)
*5:Model S02B-PASK-2(LF)(SN)(JST)
*6:Model 10226-52A2PL (3M)
*7:Model 10236-0200 (3M) DS102 □□ -IO、DS112 □□ -IO only
*8:Model 09-0054-00-14(Binder)


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