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Ball screw type
The rotary stage uses the ball screws. It is the best for driving a micro angle.

*High durability*
Backlash made by attrition as continued the minute motion in worm gear type was cancelled.
Durability will be improved to motion mechanism changes from worm gear to ball screw.

*Improvement of the acceleration/deceleration*
As frection (sliding residence) is small as compared with worm gear, it can be set up and accelerated smoothly.

*Reduced backlash*
It will be almost no backlash using pressurized parts for the mechanical elements.

Motion mechanism: Ball screws φ6 lead 1mm
Motion guide: Combined angular bearing

Table size (mm): φ40、60

Option code

Spec List

Model Travel distance Resolution[/pulse] Repeated positioning accuracy[or less] Load capacity[kgf] RoHS CAD
KRB04017 +-8.5 degree ≒0.0067 degree/pulse(Full)
≒0.00335 degree/pulse(Half)
+-0.003 degree 4.0 39.2N

KRB06011 +-5.5 degree ≒0.0042 degree/pulse(Full)
≒0.0021 degree/pulse(Half)
+-0.003 degree 6.0 58.8N

Spec list

With velocity
Electrical spec/
Electrical specifications・Motor allocation
Timing chart

Origin return method

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