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Guide(mechanism) and axis type

How to use the manual stages

Guidance by type of each stage



Manual linear stage > Guidance > Guide(mechanism) and axis type
Linear stage guidance

Information mechanism


Sliding mechanism of both male and female trapezoidal

* Features
・A variety of traveling range
・Quick traveling
・Attractively priced

Linear ball guide

Gothic arc groove and
four-points contact rolling mechanism

・High precision
・High rigidity
・Thin type
・High load capacity

Crossed roller guide

V groove rail and rolling mechanism

・High precision
・Light weight
・A variety of assemblage

Axis type

X axis

XY axes

Z axis

Horizontal plane axis

XZ axes

XYZ axes

Thin type XYZ axes

Horizontal plane XYZ axes

Guidance for each individual guide

Dovetail Linear ball Crossed roller


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