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SS stage side feed clamp type

SS stage Free mounting angle type

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SS stage Free mounting angle type

This is a high quality & low cost SS stages that has screw and nut structure as feed mechanism.
Can be related from clamping, it maintains force in both directions. Available for vertical, horizontal, tilting direction and forces in two directions.

Clamp is positioned on operator side.
・ Improvement of operations
・Compact configuration
・Enhanced clamp (As compared with a former, there is 10% strength improvement)

Line up
Table size: 40、60mm square
Axis: configurable as X/XY
Feed method:Screw+nut
Applicable operation on left and right

Table size 40mm square

Table size 60mm square


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Operation hours (Japan time)
Monday to Friday :9:00-12:00/13:00-18:00
Saturdays,Sundays,National holidays and New year period:CLOSED

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