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Optical Fiber Alignment

We proudly supply a wide range of mechanical parts and optical systems for low price and in short delivery time. Our products make it possible to perform efficient optical axis alignment of various optical devices such as optical fiber, waveguide (WG), LD, PD and others, and to support device evaluation as well as inspection and assembling process for modularizing. We also have a full coverage of peripherals such as observation equipment, LD control instruments, and UV-related devices.

Alignment System

''Delivered over 400 systems''

We propose various types of alignment system for purposes varying from research development till production use, according to a type of waveguide passive devices such as WG/AWG and active devices such as LD/PD.

Alignment Components

''Full line of products backed up by performances & experiences''

These are core component items for alignment process including stage units and holders installed for WG alignment and LD/PD alignment.

Accessories for Alignment

''Peripheries are our catalog standard items''

These are peripheries and accessories that are useful for WG alignment and LD/PD alignment.


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